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You’re a UX Expert with few years or decades of experience; or perhaps an Academic Researcher or Professor of Design.

You’re looking to engage with fellow or junior Designers or UXers and want to establish your personal brand; & you would love to get published alongside some UX Leaders & Industry Experts.

Well, you’ve come to the right place then!

What is Difference by Design?

Difference by Design is a Multi-blog & a Community of UX experts and young Designers who’re looking to learn & explore the UX Design field. It is also a place for Non-Designers, Businesses & Investors to stay updated with the field of Design & User Experience.

User Experience has been a constantly evolving field along with the core skills, business impact & understanding. The processes have been evolving very rapidly, over the last 3 years.

Difference by Design stands for the following 4 principles:

# 1 Bridging UX Academics & Industry Experts

As the field constantly evolves it’s essential for both Academicians & Business Design leaders to engage & understand the need & nature of the discipline and how to best make an impact to our societies at large.

It’s common case for Stakeholders to be unaligned within an organization or across organizations; this academic-business gap is a bigger challenge for incoming UX talent & the industry at large.

# 2 Qualified Articles & Contributors only

We approve content that is from experts. Here are some Criteria we look at.

  • Original Pieces written by people with practical experience in the field
  • Tutorials, or walkthrough of Tools, “How to” explanations of process or concepts
  • Comprehensives Guides that help to accomplish a certain process or results based on practical experience or research
  • Case Studies that demonstrate the application of designs or how a certain end result is accomplished
  • Opinion pieces from Experts who have considerable experience in the field
  • No sponsored or promotional posts, or marketing pieces created for links
  • No republishes or Listicles directing to another main article

# 3 Valuable Community for a UX Knowledge base

We want to provide a valuable knowledge base for understanding UX Concepts for Business leaders, Investors, Research & Academic Stakeholders. Providing a further boost towards successful Design Evangelism.

At our heart, we believe Good Design can change the world! So for a better tomorrow it’s important to bring about the design transformation together 🙂

# 4 Publications with Full Credit to Authors

All articles are published with Full Credit to the Authors – with their Name, Profile Photo (if available), a Short Author Bio, and the link to their LinkedIn Profiles.

The authors receive a badge & are listed among the authors page, and have a sharable page with all their articles published on Difference by design.

Authors might be working with our Editorial & Content team to fine tune the pieces & make them more aligned to what people might be searching for. Providing you some interesting experience towards blogging.

If you’re interested, write to nasir [at] surgyy [dot] com along with attaching your write-up & we will be in touch with you!