3 Ways to Boost Net Promoter Score of your SaaS Product
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3 Ways to Boost Net Promoter Score of your SaaS Product

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You are able to retain customers on your S-a-a-S Product, but when you ask them “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend”, the score you get is quite low.

You want to improve it and want your clients to vouch for you.

Here are 3 ways to do so

Note: I’m not covering the obvious ones to improve the software quality, reduce bugs or performance delays.

Close the loop on ROI

Your S-a-a-S Product needs to clearly highlight the value in terms of efficiency & revenue; the feedback your clients are receiving from their customers.

Overall they should be able to dig into their organizational challenges and resolve them.

You might also want to add more dimensions to the value your product brings to them.

For example, if you are improving efficiency; instead of just focusing on cost reduction try to highlight how your product is helping them serve their customers better and retaining them.

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Dogfooding, comes from the point that – you try the food you’re serving others. This of course is similar to usability testing, but this term signifies a much deeper imersion.

With dog-fooding just like digesting the same food; you go through the business process and scenarios yourself; and not just use the application but try to accomplish the same objectives.

You can get a little creative in how you want to perform this, especially if, you are working for niche audiences.

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Make NPS a Product KPI

Even though I come from a product background, I would any day agree that NPS has more to do with the Product performance rather than Customer Success.

Overall your organization needs to regularly discuss your NPS score, analyse the gaps & feedback, and do root cause analysis. Product team is the right choice to prioritize and drive this.

Hope this article added to your perspective and do let me know your thoughts as well.

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