Why Gamification is important in UX

Why Gamification is important in UX

Do you know how Gamification can improve the user experience of a product by just adding game theory & components?

Everyone loves playing games, and you also love playing games too. If we involve games with UX, users’ journey with digital products becomes more interesting as it motivates users to interact more often with the product they are experiencing.

If you see there are many industries that are involving gamification in their products like Healthcare, FinTech, Product Management, etc.

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Gamification can be a great idea for UX.

How does the UX improve when gamification is involved?

Gamification helps your design to become more lively and interesting, as the user has the opportunity to interact with the product more as usual.

Nowadays users are already getting used to gamification as it is implemented in many apps throughout the app stores.

There is no need to fully make the app, or website look like a game, just some elements and features can be involved to make the UX more interesting.

Types of Gamification in UX

There are different methods to implement gamification in an app or any product from which users can be more attentive to the product.

Industries already started involving gamification in their products as they know that this can be interesting stuff to build a good user base.

Badges & Stickers

Users love rewards as it motivates the user if they complete a particular task they will get a Badge or a sticker that can be shown on their profile or they can share it with their friends & relatives.

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Users are fond of competition as they always want to stay on top of others so involving a Leaderboard feature can make the UX more interesting and users will be actively using the product as they have to see where they are now.

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You got 100 Points for referring! Points play an important role when achieving a level. this helps to motivate the user to actively use an app to earn points for completing tasks.


A particular task for a limited time creates tension & excitement in user interaction as it motivates the user to speed up.

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The role of gamification in UX design

It can solve many UX challenges and problems. If you can find the right gamification for your users or audience, it is a great tool to increase user engagement and your brand awareness and sales.

Gamification makes user interaction more interesting and exciting. Users love earning rewards, points and the power to share the results with their friends.


Gamification can be a big part of UX as it creates more emotions, and interactions at the same time and you can implement different types of gamification techniques for users.

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Saud Ali
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