Instaminutes – Brand & UX Design Case Study

Instaminutes – Brand & UX Design Case Study


UX Case Study from the Surgyy Design Labs team; and explains “behind the scenes” work done for Instaminutes for Product Led Growth

The idea behind Insta-minutes is to generate Meeting minutes that is crisp & clear. To help boost engagement & productivity in teams.

Prior to Insta-minutes, most Meeting Minutes tools only provided a simple Transcript of the recorded meeting. Contrary to that, Insta-minutes is a custom AI solution that summarizes a meeting into Bullet points.

The Below Case Study is from the Surgyy Design Labs team; and explains “behind the scenes” work done for Instaminutes (one of our esteemed clients)

The Design Objectives

  1. Provide a Brand Identity – which is up-to-date & highlights the necessary attributes of the company
  2. Provide a Dashboard experience – which focuses completely on Meeting Minutes or Notes, and Engagement & productivity of the team
  3. Provide an onboarding experience – that gets the user started with the necessary integrations with Meeting applications.
  4. Provide a Landing page / website – that highlights the crisp points, and the different user personas.
Insta-minutes Redesign for Growth Case Study by Surgyy Design

Motivation Factors for Users

The users would be motivated by the Crispiness or – to the point – notes that make their meetings hassle free. Sharing below a List of Motivation factors for users:

  • Crisp meeting Notes – the number of Bullet points should be covering the important points & be concise
  • Available integrations – Their meeting applications should be available for integrations & the process should be hassle free
  • Sharing & Collaboration – Easy to share the notes & also collaborate further on the meeting items
  • Managers / Leaders would like to track productivity & Engagement
  • Security & Privacy – is a major concern for all businesses

Branding & Research

As we finalized the main objectives or Product Goals. We then moved onto performing secondary Research and collecting various concepts & ideas.

Branding & Identity Research – Surgyy Design Labs

Sharing the excerpt on the brand identity:

Brand Overview:

The brand has evolved from an AI based innovation to Summarizing Online Meetings into key bullet points.

As the MVP has been successful, the team is looking to develop a brand that focuses on helping teams be more efficient in taking actions after meetings, and have better engagements in their meetings,.

Think – AI based meeting notes

Feel – Seamless, saves time, hassle free, new tech

Do – Start generating automated Meeting Summary / notes / minutes; and get rid of manual note taking.

New Colors for IT / Tech Company employees, but should reflect Trust & readiness to solving problems at large.

Shivam Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO

Target audience:

IT Employees, Tech Companies, Finance / Investments, HRs, Sales, CXO/Managers to track engagement.

Brand Messages:

  • Improve Efficiency – automated minutes, unforgettable meetings, don’t loose the points discussed
  • Trust – Privacy of Meeting Content (encrypted), Secure network & handling of content
  • Improve Employee Engagement, boost productivity
  • New Technology – Innovative AI based approach

Core Values:

  • More work, less meetings
  • Get smart, stop doing mundane tasks
  • Your meetings remain private & confidential
  • Engagement – Happier Employees


  • Efficiency
  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Speed
  • Accuracy

Brand Identity Before:

Logo Concept Building

Concept building by Surgyy Design Labs

Brand Identity – by Surgyy Design Labs

Brand Logo by Surgyy Design Labs

Logo Light & dark

Logo Background Variations by Surgyy Design Labs

UX Research & Design

Coming to the User Experience Design of the Dashboard, Website & the onboarding Experience:

Customer Problem Statement

Customer Problem Statement by Surgyy Design Labs

The customers have a few different personas, but mostly the hassles of taking down meeting minutes & the need to concisely summarize meeting and the next steps to move things forward is core the problem we’re solving.

The core pain – Loosing out on time & loosing out on information

User Journey Map

User Journey Map by Surgyy Design Labs

Website Concise Hero Approach

Website Design by Surgyy Design Labs

Dashboard & Onboarding – Take a Look

Onboarding Experience Design by Surgyy Design
Dashboard Experience Design by Surgyy Design

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