Implementing Product-Led Growth with Design Thinking & UX

Implementing Product-Led Growth with Design Thinking & UX

Between 2015-2020, the number of public companies that have adopted product-led growth (PLG) strategies increased by over 285%. The growth of private PLG companies during this period is even more astounding.

Companies like Slack, Zoom, DoorDash have earned the reputation of being extremely successful due to PLG alone. Why are PLG companies so successful? It’s mostly down to the needs of modern-day customers.

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  • Helpful article as it covers the main topics to focus on like design thinking, user-centric, right tools to use, I believe the articles are the second source of learning for new beginners.

  • Product Led Growth is the fundamental approach when it comes to SaaS applications, every company around the world apply this as nicely by Nasir, the design thinking or approach in this plays a vital role while building the product, This article clearly discusses that, would love to see more articles on PLG!