Case Study: Jenugudu – Your home for honey

Case Study: Jenugudu – Your home for honey

The government of Karnataka required the development of a brand name, Logo and tagline for the promotion of Honey and other Hive products produced in Karnataka.

During the financial year 2022-23, a budget announcement was made for the global promotion and popularization of honey and other hive products produced in the state of Karnataka. As a result, the Horticulture Department is already carrying out developmental operations through a number of initiatives to enhance the financial situation of farmers and beekeepers by introducing honey production as a new source of income in addition to crop produce from horticulture and agriculture. 

Additionally, the Horticulture Department plans to create and market a Brand name, tagline, and logo along with the packaging design for the promotion of honey and other hive products produced in Karnataka in order to establish Karnataka Honey on the national and international market, as well as to boost the beekeepers’ financial situation and guarantee that consumers receive high-quality honey. 

Types of Bees in Karnataka

Apis dorsata -Apis florea -Apis cerana indica (Native to karnataka since prehistoric time) – Apis mellifera

Important elements associated with honey bees

Flowers – Pollen -Nectar – Honeycomb -Honey -Queen Bee

Types of flowers suitable for Honeybees 

Syzygium -Cassia -Citrus -Pongamia -Azadirachta -Albizia -Brassica -Areca -Cocos -Guizotia -Hilianthus -Lagerstroemia -Polyanthus  -Sapindus -Tecoma

Location best suited for Honeybees

South Karnataka

Elements chosen for the logo and branding

  • Apis cerana indica as it’s the native bee of Karnataka since the prehistoric times.
  • Honeycomb as its unique hexagonal shape helps the nectar from the flowers breakdown into simple sugars.
  • Flowers are the main source of food for the bees as it produces the nectar which is used to make honey.

Brand Name and Tagline

While brainstorming for the brand name and tagline, few options were ideated along the words pollen, honey, honeycomb, and nectar. As the product is manufactured in Karnataka and would be recognised worldwide, the word Jenugudu which means which honeycomb in Kannada was selected for the branding

For the tagline, the words home, honey, tasty, organic were explored and “your home for honey” was finalised as the word Jenugudu translates to honeycomb which is the home of the honeybees. When combining the final brand name and tagline, the branding would be called as “Jenugudu – Your home for honey”.

Once the brand name and tagline were finalized, the possible explorations for the logo was brainstormed. As honeybees are the hardworking ones that go through the whole process of collecting the nectar, depositing it in the honeycombs, taking care of the broods, obeying the queen bee and dedicating their whole life for the wellbeing of their colonies, the usage of the honeybee in the logo would be the most communicating way to convey the role of the bees, respect their skills and know where the honey is coming from.

Simple Illustration
Honey Bees as Icons
Other Elements Depicted as icons


As Apis cerana indica is native to Karnataka from the prehistoric times, it’d be the best representation of the local bee of Karnataka through a detailed illustration. Honey bees are a detailed complex looking beautiful insects with yellow, brown and black tones.\

Detailed Honey Bee Illustration

Color Palette

The color palette is developed by the earthy tones present in the honeycomb, honeybees and mainly the honey. Shades of yellow and brown are suitable for the branding.

Color Palette and Typography


The combination of display and sans serif font completes the branding with respect to reflecting the luxury, elegance and chicness of the honey that would be sold to the global market as well.

The iterations of the main honey bee was explored as a simpler illustration, icons and other elements like honeycomb were explored too.

Finalized Logos

2 options of the logo were submitted to give variety and options which were branded as luxury and elegant honey products.

Option 1 follows the detailed illustration of the local honey bee with the combination the display and sans serif font which overall looks like a stamp to indicate the purity of the honey as it’s a natural product of the honeybee.

Another variation of the same logo for usage in other branding collaterals wherever necessary and both the variations in the hues of tones of yellow and brown.

Option 1 – Primary Logos
Option 1 – Secondary Logos

Option 2 is a more iconography approach of a bee with a simple icon of a bee but still maintaining the essence of the amount of details a honey bee possesses, combined with just sans serif font to keep the logo on the simple and minimal approach which is also elegant for the honey branding.

Option 2 – Primary Logos
Option 2 – Secondary Logos

Overall this branding would be used for packaging design, branding of the whole company, marketing collaterals and other necessary collaterals of the company as it has versatile components to be used as whole and or broke down into individual elements like using just the illustration or just the brand name and tagline wherever necessary.

Logo on the Visiting Card

Logo on the Packaging

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Written by
Sonali Borkar
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