4 Key Similarities among Successful SaaS Products
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4 Key Similarities among Successful SaaS Products

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You are managing a S-a-a-S Product, which works and your audience can adopt it. However, you are having a tough time scaling it and making a strong presence in the market.

Here are 4 key similarities among famous S-a-a-S products.

Note: This article includes a review of top SaaS products and shows screenshots from these products

Seamless on-boarding

Here’s a screenshot from Monday.com; you do a Social sign-in (Google, LinkedIn) or enter your email id; and you can see your dashboard is ready in the background as you enter last few details.

taken from monday.com

Then you are guided on how to set-up your first project, with clear next steps to take.

from monday.com

They are customizable

Good S-a-a-S Products allow a good level of customization that makes them scalable.

As an example, managing and creating new ticket fields in Freshdesk.

taken from freshdesk.com

Add-on Marketplace!

Yes, as they begin getting traction they don’t try to create as many features to get more audience, rather they launch an add-on Marketplace.

An add-on marketplace helps them to

  1. Maintain a scalable core product, with limited things happening
  2. Leverage on partnered Add-on developers, who can also benefit from the platform
  3. Strengthen their product offering & widen the possibilities
  4. Eliminate the need for different workflows within the core product

Below you can look at what Zendesk App directory can offer you.

taken from Zendesk.com

Extensive Knowledge base

Making most of a S-a-a-S product can be hard and people might have questions on how to do certain activities.

They don’t keep room for assumptions in their knowledge base and make it as extensive & readable as possible.

Sharing below a page from Atlassian’s Getting started with Jira.

Getting started with Jira

Hope this article gave you some insights or added to your motivation in taking your S-a-a-S product to the next level.

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