3 Reasons for Hiring a UX Agency during MVP
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3 Reasons for Hiring a UX Agency during MVP

When it comes to getting a new product in the market, it is essential to keep the first version light, and we refer to this as a Minimum-Viable-Product or MVP. You can find various resources and advice on MVP, the LinkedIn Post below, has a few advices as an example.

At the MVP stage, it’s also important for founders or investors to get the product out swiftly and you need a hassle free Project execution.

Hence the question arises:
Should I hire a Development focused company to execute the project completely? Or do I hire a specialized UX Agency?

This article was originally published on surgyy.com by the Surgyy Design Team. After the advent of “Difference by Design” as a separate Online Media site, this article has been moved to Surgyy Design’s blog page.

Please refer the full original article here by Surgyy Design Labs – 3 Reasons for Hiring a UX Agency during MVP

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