Truly Will – Brand & UX Design Case Study

Truly Will – Brand & UX Design Case Study

Creating a Legally valid Will is essential especially if you’re based out of US. On one side, hiring Legal Advisors & then having them to make any further updates is going to be too costly for the masses; at the other hand it’s important to choose the right tool that provides a legally valid document & factoring in the required details / clauses.

Trully Will Design project was done by Surgyy Design Labs, and the below case study highlights key aspects & objectives of the work process.


  • Providing an engaging yet detailed Question Answering UX.
  • Having a seamless onboarding to checkout experience for direct usage.
  • Providing as many information blurb required for people to self learn & complete without seeking consultation

Branding & Research

As we finalized the main objectives or Product Goals. We then moved onto performing secondary Research and collecting various concepts & ideas.

Branding & Identity Research – Surgyy Design Labs

Sharing the excerpt on the brand identity:

Brand Overview:

The brand looks to provide a quick & hassle free solution for average individuals to create their will.

In the US, creating a Will is important for the hassle free inheritance of assets to decendents. Without a Will it becomes a legal process. At the same time, lawyers can be expensive to hire, DIY solutions for Wills is in demand.

Think – About the wellbeing of their families / decedents

Feel – seamless, hassle free, reliable, legal wisdom

Do – Start learning about Wills, & start creating your will. To lift of a burden of responsibility from your shoulders.

What customers value?

“I enjoyed the education process of establishing my own trust and then executing on it.”

“It felt like a load off my shoulders to tell the truth.”

“I was able to create a will from the comfort of my own home. My mind is at ease.”

Target audience:

30 – 40 year old, Middle Aged individuals, Children of senior citizens


  • Secure Wellbeing – of your family / decedents
  • Trust – We provide authentic online service
  • Get to Learn more about Wills, Educate yourself
  • New Technology – Simple & Usable Tech


  • Wellbeing
  • Trust
  • Secure
  • Educate

Brand Identity – by Surgyy Design Labs

Brand Logo by Surgyy Design Labs

Logo Light & dark

Brand Logo by Surgyy Design Labs

UX Research & Design

Coming to the User Experience Design of the Dashboard, Website & the onboarding Experience:

Customer Problem Statement

UX Analysis by Surgyy Design Labs

How User can set up their will in few minutes.

  1. Answer a few questions: The user can Tell a thing or two about them, and what they want to do with their estate. We’ll guide them at every step of the way.
  2. Submit for review: Team of attorneys will review the state-specific Will generated using the answers from their submission. They will ensure the Will is clear and error-free.
  3. Sign & notarize: Now user have their Will they can download it, follow the instructions to finalize it and then it finally done! Now the user have comprehensive, legally valid and state-specific Will

User Journey Map

User Journey Map by Surgyy Design Labs

Website Concise Hero Approach

Hero Section by Surgyy Design Labs

Dashboard & Onboarding – Take a Look

Dashboard Experience Design by Surgyy Design
Dashboard Experience Design by Surgyy Design

To Know more about we can come-up with similar results for your products feel free to reach out to the Surgyy Design Labs team!

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Avinash K
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