Top Challenges that make starting a UX Design Career daunting

Top Challenges that make starting a UX Design Career daunting

User Experience (UX) design is the process of planning the experience a person has when they interact with a product. It focuses on the interaction that a human user has with everyday products and services.

The User Interface (UI) is the user-centered approach to designing the aesthetics of a digital product. It is a graphical layout of an application.

UX and UI can also be defined as “UX is the foundation, while UI is the paint and furniture.”

How Do You Become a UI/UX Designer?

Who can Transition to UX?

I believe, anyone who has a problem-solving attitude and is willing to learn new things in life can become a UX UI Designer.

People from different industry chooses to be UX UI designer and ends up having a great career. I fall in the same group. I am a Company Secretary and a lawyer and have four years of corporate experience in the legal and compliance field. Lately, after exploring various courses, I found UX UI design interesting, and I transitioned my career from Legal to Design. The journey seemed great and measurable before, yet lately, the actual picture arises i.e. the real challenges.

It is presumed that UX UI design does not need a specific degree but nobody talks about the challenges faced for not having a proper degree.

Answer to

How can I become a UX Designer with my B.Arch.

by Mohammed Jamil Nasir

Top Challenges you can expect to deal with

The major challenges faced by a beginner in the UX UI Design industry includes:

  • Not having enough connections in the industry when transforming careers from different industries, can make it incredibly hard to breakthrough.
  • As you are in a learning phase, you might be unable to explain the rationale to back-up your own design.
  • Most hiring managers expect from the Designer to know a myriad of things without considering their seniority level.
  • You’re often Good at designing but not up-to-date with the latest technology or technical acumen.
    UX UI Design is linked with the technical industry, so a designer needs to be updated all the time with new technology, its problems, and trends.
  • Lacks in Marketing or Presentation skills. UX UI designer needs to market their own skill. A good designer needs to be a good seller.
  • Lacks in taking criticism positively. It takes time you build the resilience of taking in feedback as constructive criticism, and converting your designs for even better results.
  • UX is about problem-solving for the users and UI is about its appearance. The balance between both is often Little-known, which becomes a huge challenge.

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